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A Multi-Disciplinary System

Unarmed Techniques, Tactics, & Strategies

Learn to defend yourself using a range of striking and grappling techniques at Midwest Academy. We teach a unique combination of techniques known as Kempo Jujutsu. This system optimizes effectiveness and efficiency using striking and grappling to place an advesary at a disadvantage while minimizing the practitioner's exposure to harm.

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Kempo Jujutsu

The term Kempo Jujutsu refers to the techniques and tactics employed by Seizan Ryu practitioners. In brief, Kempo ("striking principles") consists of sophisticated striking tactics that use the hands, feet, arms, legs, elbows, knees, and even the head to target vital points on an opponent's body. Jujutsu ("supple science") consists of efficiently blending with incoming force and makes use of nerve strikes, throws, joint locks, immobilizations, chokes, and certain handheld weaponry to disable or control an adversary. In combination, these two disciplines form a comprehensive unarmed self-defense system.

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